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Your document will be carefully reviewed by a native speaker and any necessary corrections made. Any areas that could be linguistically improved or where the meaning is not clear will be highlighted.


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Who is

Mark Chorlton M.A.

I have been working as a freelance translator (German to English) since 2013.

I studied at Swansea University in the UK, gaining the following qualifications:

  • 2008 BA German with Computer Studies – this included 2 semesters spent abroad studying at Regensburg University in Bavaria, Germany
  • 2010/11 MA Translation and Language Technology

Throughout my time at university and various professional activities I have gained knowledge and experience of working and academic life and the various processes involved in both the UK and Germany. My experiences include:

  • 2008/09 English language assistant at a secondary school in the state of Hessen
  • 2011 Experience working for the Town Council in Stockport UK in the IT department – here I had contact with all departments
  • 2012-15 IT support at “Sancta Maria Hospital” in Swansea, UK
  • 2013 Began working as a freelance translator – initially part time while still working; since 2015 I work freelance on a full time basis and am based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Some of the clients I regularly work with: